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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pulau Pinang Pearl of the Orient...........

Penang - An HERITAGE History

Penang's history has taken a beautiful tropical island through a long period of British colonial rule combined with successive periods of immigration from different parts of the world. The end result is the amazing combination of cultures, a rich heritage, and a fascinating location for a holiday.

Penang - Modern Times

  • 1990 Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon elected Chief Minister.
  • 1985 (14 September) Penang Bridge opened to traffic.
  • 1976 City of Georgetown merged to become Municipal Council of Penang Island (Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang).
  • 1969 Lim Chong Eu elected Chief Minister.
  • 1959 Wong Pow Nee elected Chief Minister.
  • 1959 Last trolley bus service in Penang
  • 1957 (1 January) Georgetown was accorded city status by Queen Elizabeth II.

Penang - The Straits Settlement and the War

  • 1946 (1 April) Joins Malay Union, end of the Straits Settlement period.
  • 1945 (September 5) Formal handover by Japanese to the British at Swettenham Pier.
  • 1945 (September 3) Occupation of Penang by British.
  • 1945 (2 September) Japanese surrender of Penang.
  • 1945 (September 1) British and Japanese meet in Penang.
  • 1945 (30 August) British troops land.
  • 1945 (29 August) British warships arrive, operation codename "Jurist".
  • 1945 (27 August) British Task Group B under Vice Admiral Walker in HMS Nelson, accompanied by the cruiser Ceylon and the escort carriers Hunter and Attacker left Rangoon for Penang, arriving the next day.
  • 1945 (1 February) USAF B-29 bombing raid on Penang (mission 33), USAF XX Bomber Command bombed Penang using Boeing B-29 Superfortress bombers from bases in India at very high altitude.
  • 1945 (11 January) USAF B-29 bombing raid on Penang (mission 27).
  • 1944 (August) USAF B-29 bombing raid on Penang supported by HMS Ceylon.
  • 1943 (23 April) Crew from submarine USS Grenadier SS210 sunk near Indonesia, arrived in Penang. The entire crew was taken POW and secretly interrogated at Penang in the Convent Light Street for three months.
  • 1941 (December 19) Japanese official occupation of Penang begins.
  • 1941 (December 17) Japanese arrive at Penang without any losses. Kobayashi Battalion of the Japanese 5th Division takes control of the island.
  • 1941 (December 16) Evacuation of Penang by British troops.
  • 1941 (December 14) Official decision to evacuate made by Far East War Council.
  • 1941 (December 13) Evacuation of Penang begins, air raids continue.
  • 1941 (December 12) Massive air raid on Penang by 85 Japanese divebombers from Siam airbases (2,000 casualties estimated).
  • 1941 (December 11) 37 aircraft raid Penang.
  • 1941 (December 10) Air raid of Penang by 70 Japanese aircraft.
  • 1941 (December 8) Air raid of Butterworth by Japanese began.
  • 1929 (22 March) Tan Sri P. Ramlee (film actor, director and songwriter) born.
  • 1925 Trolley buses first operated a tramway in Penang.
  • 1923 (21 October) Penang Hill Funicular Railway opened.
  • 1914 (28 October) German warship, SMS Emden, attacked Penang harbour, sinking two Allied ships.
  • 1896 (1 July) Joined the Federated Malay States.
  • C 1880 A light railway operated from Georgetown to the Botanic Gardens.
  • 1872 Penang declared a free port, this status continued until 1969.
  • 1867 Renamed Penang Island. Riots occur between rival Chinese gangs.
  • 1835 Khoo Kongsi founded.
  • 1826 (14 August) Joins the Straits Settlements with Singapore.

Penang - the Early Years

  • 1800 Province Wellesley granted to Penang by Sultan of Kedah, increasing the annual payment to 10,000 Spanish dollars.
  • 1791 After a minor conflict, Sultan Abdullah finally handed over Penang Island to the British in exchange for 6,000 Spanish dollars annually.
  • 1786 (August 11) Francis Light of the British East India Company claimed Pulau Pinang for Great Britain naming it Prince of Wales Island. The island is known by British administration as Penang instead.
  • 1786 (July 17) Francis Light's expedition lands in Pulau Pinang.
  • 1771 The island is ceded to Great Britain by the Sultan of Kedah.
  • C 1600 Visits from European traders increase.
  • 1591 Portuguese reports show Pulau Pinang already settled by Malays.

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